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7.学校要开设英语选修课,现在学生征求意见.假如你是姚敏.你认为英语选修课可以开设英语试听说(EnglishVisual-Audile-Oral)和演 ...
7.学校要开设英语选修课,现在学生征求意见.假如你是姚敏.你认为英语选修课可以开设英语试听说(English Visual-Audile-Oral)和演讲与口才(Speech and Eloquence)这两门课程.请你用英语给办公室张老师写一封100-120个词的信,推荐这两门课程,并分别说明推荐理由.
Dear Mr.Zhang,
Knowing that our school is going to set up English elective courses,I'd like to give some suggestions. English Visual-Audie-Oral Course is a good choice.Most of us are interested in English videos and songs,which provide us vivid images and the rhyming rhythm.Thus,we can enjoy the local customs and western cultures as well as learn to sing English songs with joy and excitement.
In addition,it's necessary for us to improve our oral English.Although we are always learning English,we may not make a fluent speech or strongly debate with others like native speakers.That is why I recommend Speech and Eloquence Course.Pure pronunciation,classical expressions an d elegant gestures will be offered for us to learn and imitate.

I'll be glad if you can consider my recommendation.
Yours sincerely,
Yao Min.

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